Iolite Vaporizer Review

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Iolite Vaporizer Review

The Iolite portable vaporizer is by Oglesby and Butler.

The way that the Iolite is powered makes it a unique vaporizer. The Iolite actually doesn’t plug in, it doesn’t have a charger and it also does not run on rechargeable batteries. The vaporizer is actually


powered by butane and the butane heating element, which features an ignite switch so that the heating chamber reaches the right temperature safely.

The operating time of the vaporizer with butane is about an hour and half, but will depend on how often you use it.

When you go to refill the unit with butane, you need to hold the Iolite the right side up and the butane upside down. The nozzle of the can will fit onto the fill valve. Once you pushy the can down and there is an overflow then the chamber is full. You will need to wait a few moments before you ignite the vaporizer so that the butane settles down.

Whilst you wait though, put your herbs inside the chamber.

In order to turn the Iolite on you need to switch the side button from 0 to 1, which will then start the flow of gas. After a few seconds you can press the igniter switch. You will see an orange glow on the side, which tells you it has been ignited.

It takes less than a minute for it to heat up. The unit will go on and off as it maintains the temperature. You will also hear a hissing sound as it does this, which can be slightly annoying. You may also find that you will smell the butane, but you won’t taste it.

The draws that you get from the Iolite have a good amount of vapor, but it is not that smooth and can still be a little hot.

The Iolite is a neat portable vaporizer that doesn’t need electricity, which makes it perfect for outdoor activities. The unit is also lightweight so it’s easy to carry. You will though need to keep a can of butane around so that you can keep refilling it.